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Set of 6 Staff Leuchten sconces by Dieter Witte and Rolf Krüger for Staff, Germany, 1968

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Original 9er Set Staff Oyster Wall Ceiling Light Lamp Panel Witte Krüger

Original 9er set copper staff oyster wall ceiling light lamp panel by Witte & Krüger Ceiling or wall light model Oyster, German design by Dieter Witte & Rolf Kru¨ger for Staff. Design, circa 1968. Construction made of white lacquered steel sheet, covers white-lacquered, equipped with four burners each. Awards: Die Gute Industrieform 1968, 1st Rosenthal Studio Prize.

Condition: Good

Measurements a piece:
Width: 62 cm
Depth: 62 cm
Height: 15 cm

Price: on request,-

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