Welcome to our Vintage furniture store!

Vintageboutiqueabcoude is a young company bringing fresh energy to the industry. We aim to select high quality, unique design items from all over the world, providing our customers the accessibility to a wide scale of items to select from.

Our ambition is that our customers find the right ambience and feeling in their interior, therefore we handpick one-of-a-kind pieces that are perfect to achieve these characteristics in your space in order to create this feeling.

With the feeling comes the experience, this is why we aim to provide a personal experience that fits your unique style, while ensuring the best possible service. Every item we source is being checked securely by professionals to ensure quality. When needed the items will be professionally restored to their original condition, keeping the wishes of their new owner(s) in mind, to make them last and bring pleasure for generations more to come.

Our showroom is located in The Netherlands just 15 minutes from Amsterdam, which is situated in a beautiful Fortress that was originally built to protect the city in the early 1900s. Nowadays we are lucky to be able to style the rooms of this incredible location with our pieces. This way our visitors get a feeling and can experience the items we offer.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions or requests, everything is possible at Vintageboutiqueabcoude!

We aim to be innovative and accessible to anyone in our own way, this is why we also like to share a few moments and behind the scenes on our social media. We love to make short videos to present how the item will look in a specific setting, and/or move around. This way we like to differentiate our store from others around. Take a look at our reels!

The Fortress is a space that was initially created to protect Amsterdam and was built in in the early 1900s. However it was never officially used during the First World War. However, it was taken over by the German army as a storage during the Second World War. Nowadays we are lucky to make use of its stunning environment and spaces, which go perfectly with the design items we curate! Our showroom is available on appointment, please fill in the contact form below to visit us!

While you got familiar with our company, we also like to introduce ourselves and how we started our company: Han and Floris met when Floris was only 15 years old and lived next to Han’s then latest project: Hotel de Witte Dame. While Han already had a passion for vintage design and continued to decorate the hotel with stunning furniture and lighting, Floris began to get an eye for it too. Together they started small and have much fun together, and grew to where Vintageboutiqueabcoude is at now!

The founders: Han (left) and Floris (right)

Q:What is your absolute favourite vintage design piece?

A: Han: I am the biggest fan of RAAK Amsterdam lights, my whole basement is filled with almost every model.
A: Floris: If I really have to choose, my absolute favourite vintage design item has to be the Sunball chair by Günther Ferdinand Ris and Herbert Selldorf for Rosenthal. This was my dream chair from the moment I had heard from the words “Space age” and ever since I have been looking for (and recently found) one!

Meet our staff:
Our first ever employee: Jamila.
Jamila gives our company a creative and fresh input in order for us to provide our customers with all our renewing content on our website and socials.

Jamila working on our favorite desk: The Ernest Igl Jet desk, 1970s
The Vintage Boutique Abcoude team!