-Sold-William Watting wall unit for Scanflex, Holland 1960s

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-Sold-William Watting wall unit for Scanflex, Holland 1960s

Beautiful two-tone storage unit by William Watting for Scanflex. Attractive mixture of dark and light solid wood, nice rounded details and open structure. The complete unit is quite stable of itself without support, just the 2 top shelves have metal supports for wall mounting, so the drilling in your wall will be kept to a minimum of just 4 small holes ( for example, a Royal System / P. Cadovius unit with a similar storage capacity takes about 15 to 20 holes ). Can be taken apart completely for transport or shipping.

Dimensions: H 207 X W 213 D 47cm (lower shelves) / D 21cm (modular shelves)

Period: 1960s

Condition: Very Good and original

Price: Sold

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